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  3. We went to Rancho Valencia at the Pony Room. It’s in the middle of these polo clubs and fat multi million dollar ranch mansions. Hot air balloons flew overhead the whole time. The food was TO DIE FOR. Every single bite was unbelievable. The ahi, corn chowder, spring rolls, Dover sole, thick swordfish steak, the finest grüner veltliner, sea salted caramel chocolates… yep. We went down to the enormous ballroom and the private wine cellar in the basement with huge medieval decor. Wow. It was an absolute dream. We all laughed the whole night and had a great time.

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  7. Bobby Alfonsy

    Bobby Alfonsy

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  12. Girl in my calc class today about me: “How can a guy that /that/ wanna be with a girl that /her/?”

    It’s true. Dreams do come true. I have the trophy out-of-my-league boyfriend I always dreamed of having. *sunglasses emoji*

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Promotional shot for “The Dreaming”, 1982.


    Promotional shot for “The Dreaming”, 1982.

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  16. All I have to do tomorrow is take my biochem test, leave school by 11, go home, drink champagne in the garden, watch the hummingbirds and celebrate Max’s birthday out at an extraordinarily decadent, swank French restaurant.

    ( ̄(工) ̄) ☆〜♪☆〜

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